32 Simma Lieberman, The Inclusionist

Show Notes

Diversity and Inclusion

What do they mean? How are they related? What is the goal? What are the benefits? What are challenges? How can you help create a more diverse, inclusive and productive culture within your organization? 

Simma Lieberman boldly points out that she is white, female, Jewish, a Baby Boomer, lesbian and from the Bronx.

If you see her as one of those labels, then you've relegated her to the group we call - those people.

Do you say, "Hello" to people who don't look like you?
Diversity is the collective mixture characterized by differences, similarities and related tensions and complexities.

Diversity is important, yet it's inclusion that is the critical step in making people feel safe, welcome, understood and productive.

Simma Liberman helps leaders create inclusive workplaces and communities. For more information you can visit her website



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