46 Caterina Kostoula, Hold Successful Meetings

Show Notes

How Painful are your Meetings. Want to make them more productive and less tiring?

In this discussion with Caterina Kostoula, she reveals practical insights and ideas to:

  1. Avoid the common mistakes of painful meetings

  2. How to better clarify the purpose of your meeting

  3. Why you need to identify the different types of meetings

  4. Invite the right people to meetings

  5. Understand the danger of too many attendees

  6. A better way to frame your agenda

  7. Why the first agenda item is important

  8. How to encourage more inclusion and participation

Want to stimulate creative thinking and harvest more creative ideas? You'll be excited to hear these ideas.


Caterina Kostoula is the author of Hold Success Meetings.

She worked as a global business leader for Google in London, England for 8 years. 

You can rate your meetings with this simple (free) quiz at www.theleaderpath.com/quiz



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