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Creating Personal Presence with Dianna Booher

It might be difficult to describe, yet you probably recognize it when you see it. You also know when its missing. This thing we call presence is more important to our success in our career and as a leader.

Dianna Booher describes four buckets that compose leadership presence.

1. How you appear (sets first impressions)

2. How you speak - voice, word choice

3. How you think - logic, clarity, organized messages

4. Other - includes your values, personality, competence, commitment



Of these four buckets, you'll notice that the first three can be learned and are simply how you express the most important bucket, number 4.

What does it really mean when you're told to polish your communication skills?

What steps can you take to start enhancing your personal presence now?

Why might it be important for a leader to write a real book?


Dianna Booher is the author of 49 books - all published by major US publishers also available in 62 foreign editions.

As a communication consultant and presentation coach, her clients include one-third of the Fortune 500.

Dianna hosts Booher Book Camps where she helps professionals develop their own bestsellers to get there "intended message" out into the world.

Learn more here BooherBookCamp.com 



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