49 Peter de Jager, Serious Change in Return to Normal

Show Notes

The New Normal involves Serious Change

  • Are we simply moving from chaos to new chaos?

  • Why will the new normal not really be normal?

  • Why so we often resist change?

  • How can we manage the change more effectively?

  • What steps can we take to ease the friction of change?

  • What messages must leaders be sending?

Peter de Jager, is a specialist and speaker on Change Management with 35 years of international experience. You can visit his online library of resources for managers at https://technobility.online/

There are over 100 webinars at this site. You can explore as much as you want, free for one month. Then decide if you want more. You can also register for the monthly webinars.



You can listen to Peter de Jager's podcast, Y2K: An Autobiography on iTunes and other podcast apps.




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