66 Peter de Jager, Problem Solving - Where is the Box

Show Notes

Problem Solving: First we need to see the box
Peter de Jager explores the challenges, beliefs and joys of effective problem solving

Problem solving is a fundamental skill, yet many get it wrong. They approach problem solving like mathematics in their search for the right answer.

Insights from this discussion with Peter de Jager

  • There is no spoon

  • Your box might not be my box

  • There is no one right answer

  • The problem is not the situation

  • The problem you see might not be the real problem

  • The first step is to reassess the situation

  • Your solution might address the situation while not addressing my problem

  • The problem might be a matter of perception

Peter de Jager has been addressing problem solving and change for more than 40 years. He is an agent of change and champion of problem solving. And yes, his perspective has changed over those decades as he continues to change...

He has produced more than 100 webinars on the topic of change. You can find the library of his webinars here...




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