67 Holley Mignosi, Hypnotic Body Language Supports your Stories

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Leverage your body language to convey more powerful stories
You might have heard that story telling is an effective way to convey your message. However, are you using your body to support your story or might your body be sabotaging your intended message?

Holley Mignosi is a former model, acting coach and fitness coach who appreciates the nuances of body form, posture and movement. She helps speakers coordinate their body language with the power of stories.

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Listen to her powerful life-changing story. (It starts at 16:59 if you can't wait.)


Insights from this interview with Holley Mignosi:

  • Your body is communicating 100% of the time, whether you are award of it or not

  • Athletes and dancers are keenly aware of every movement of their body

  • Your presentation doesn't start when you start to speak, it starts when you enter the room

  • We are looking at you and judging based on what we see

  • Hands are trust triggers; Let people see your hands

  • Why the underdog story is so powerful and why you need to heal before you tell it

The Four Es of Engagement

  1. Expanded Posture

  2. Engaging Eye Contact

  3. Emotional State Control

  4. Echo Technique

The Four Pillars of Charisma

  1. Curiosity

  2. Playfulness

  3. Resilience

  4. Victorious

Learn more about Holley Mignosi and her programs for the Art of Storytelling and Hypnotic Stage Presentations at her website  https://www.holleymignosi.com/



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