68 Graham Brown, The 3 Box Storytelling technique

Show Notes

How to build your story on the framework of The Christmas Carol and it's not Bah Humbug!
Graham Brown offers analysis, practical insights and artistic encouragement to storytelling in business.

Highlights from this discussion with Graham Brown

Leveraging the power of the journey

Move people to change while making them feel that they are on familiar territory

How to diminish the fear of the unknown

The power of analogy when you want to become the Uber of ...

People forget what you said, yet remember how you made them feel

The importance of allowing listener to fill in some of the blanks

How to rehearse and refine your key stories

The relevance of the back story. Why are you here?

Why old stories are the best


Graham Brown is the founder of Pikkal & Co, an award winning podcast agency based in Singapore. He has the experience of hosting over 400 episodes on his podcast. He is an author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication. His works include The Human Communication Playbook and The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connect Generation.

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