70 Jason Hunt, Social Media Marketing?

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Does social media marketing work? When does it work best? How to integrate your online marketing funnel?
Jason Hunt is Co-founder of Merged Media, a full service digital marketing agency. We explore the integration of social media, paid advertising, lead magnets, podcasting and email within your marketing outreach.

To experience success with digital marketing, you need to connect the dots of the various platforms and approaches. Jason Hunt describes how that process works.

We explore the strengths and challenges of these platforms:

Facebook- still the ruler of the social media jungle

Google Ads - more pricey now, yet still effective because of the intent of the searcher

Linkedin - more focused on B to B 

YouTube - the video variation of Google

Tik Tok - it's evolving into more than a place for dancing videos

Pinterest - a visual experience most relevant for reaching national markets


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In this excerpt, Jason Hunt describes the funnel.


A great example of this is an episode that we recently did with a man by the name of Joe Garcia, and we talked about the five steps to manifesting your dream. Okay, that was the topic of the podcast episode. And we put it out there to the world of Facebook.

And what I did was this was important because the target audience is very important, the closer we can marry that message to the person seeing it, the better click cost, you're going to get better lead gen cost, you're going to get just got to marry that message up as as as the best as best as possible with that user that seeing it.

So in this specific episode, the five steps of manifesting your dream, it was a quick clip of Joe talking about one of those steps.

And we use that clip and targeted an audience of people that were entrepreneurs, but also showed interest in law of attraction. Okay, so by narrowing the audience down to not just entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs that are interested in the law of attraction, this is a very good audience for this particular podcast episode.

So those click costs to get somebody from Facebook, to go to see that ad, watch the ad and then go over to our podcast was like three cents a click.


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