All staff can be marketers: Laura Templeton

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Workplace marketing, when everyone is marketing the organization
Nurture the power of the people to spread your message

Episode 163 (Laura is based in Tampa, Florida)

In this conversation with Laura Templeton we explore:

  • How to transform all employees into company marketers

  • How to tap into the power of workplace referrals

  • How to build stronger and stable teams with referrals

  • Common values, common goals, common connections

  • Talking about your customers and client testimonials

  • Spreading the company stories on social media

  • How to connect your passion at work and a play

About our guest, Laura Templeton:

Laura educates audiences about client attraction a d brand communication. She is the author of the bestselling book, 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting.

Learn more about the website:


Excerpts from this conversation with Laura Templeton

Well, the first thing is, is if you have a referral program, review it to see how many people are actually using it. If they are great, if they're not ask your employees, if they know about it, when if they do, why they're not using it, your employees are going to tell you why.

Okay, the other pieces is educating your organization, educating our everybody, you know, just give them tips, here's something that we're looking for, let them know, here's your, your ideal client, we need more clients like this.

And then the third piece here testimonials, share the testimonials that your clients are getting in your organization. Hey guys, you You're doing a great job we just heard from you know, this client and this is what they had to say about our organization.

You did this! Do you give your employees the credit when those testimonials come in, because everybody has a part in making those testimonials happen?

Right. So when you start to share your your testimonials, you understand how your referral program is working, and then educating your everybody in your organization on how to use the referral program. It's going to change things for your company and your culture as a whole.



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