Convey Your Message with a Short Book: Mike Capuzzi

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If you have experience and expertise you can publish a book
Let's explore the magic of short books to boost your intended message

Episode 128 (Mike is based in eastern Pennsylvania)

In this conversation with Mike Capuzzi, we explore:

  • Why a short book can help your business differentiate from the competition

  • Why a short can boost your career and help build your team

  • Where do you start when planning a book

  • Why a short book is better than a long book

  • How do approach your book project

  • The magic of short books and free books

About Mike Capuzzi:

Mike has written and published 19 books, including two Amazon @1 Best Sellers.

He has helped over 225 business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders publish their own short books.

He started his career in engineering and shifted to marketing in 1994.

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Excerpts from this conversation with Mike Capuzzi


The thought is always about serving the reader first


I think most of us are short on time, or at least we appear to be, therefore lets appreciate it - this idea of a short book that can be read in an hour or so.


About two thirds of our clients are local business owners, the local retailer, the local physician, the local chiropractor, the local insurance agent.

And that person that woman, or man who writes that book, they typically want to be what I call five mile famous, they want to be the number one chiropractor, the most sought after Dentist, the you know, insurance agent who's known for XYZ, whatever it might be.

So they're not looking to be a worldwide phenomena, they are looking to be an established authority in their community.

So for them, it's really about being different than their competition. Each one of those types of business owners has a ton of competition, most of their competition, if not all have never written a book.

So right there differentiates them. So being five mile famous for the local business owner is definitely one of the biggest benefits.

For the corporate leader, the entrepreneur, the business owner, like myself, who has a worldwide audience, we have clients all over the world, it's a bit different, it is more about establishing your authority, your expertise on a worldwide level doesn't necessarily mean speaking, though. I have spoken on stage several times over the years.

But it's really about being a credible source of podcast guest, you know, immediate interview potential prospect for media.

And it's really about using your book to establish that expertise, that authority, that credibility.



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