Does your customer service truly serve the customer? Zak Garside

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Are you ready to stand out from the competition?
What can you do to be more attractive to your customers?

Episode 161 (Zac is based in Salt Lake City)

In this conversation with Zac Garside we explore:

  • Why you should call your competition

  • How does your automation help the customer?

  • Why compete on price when there are better ways to compete

  • Three steps to appear different to your customers

  • What is the role of customer service?

  • Treat your customer service the way you want them to treat your customers

  • How can you use those customer service call-recordings

  • How are you attempting to intimidate your customers?

  • How to cultivate more constructive feedback for your CS reps

  • How to get your people to care

  • Why customer service starts with the leader

About our guest, Zac Garside:

Zac became the CEO of Power Selling Pros at age 27 simply by asking the Founder to make him CEO.

Zac speaks to business owners all over the US teaching them how to grow their business with the power of customer service.

You can get your copy of his newsletter, The Storytelling Habit at this website. Tell him you heard him on Your Intended Message to receive a discount code for his courses or coaching programs.


Excerpts from this conversation with Zac Garside

If you call a Delta customer service representative to get help. After the call ends, it will ask you one question. And I love this question.

Because this is helping them I think the question is, on a scale of one to five. If you owned a business, how likely are you to hire the person you just talked to?

Oh, wow, would it be five for yes and one for no? Amazing question. Big and now they're taking that feedback, which is so much better than on a scale of one to 10. How are you how well how good was our service? Right?

How likely are you to hire the person who just helped you? And you take that feedback back to your team? That's motivating because that is a direct reflection of the type of service you provided.

Last time I called delta. I couldn't book a flight online for some reason wasn't working. So I called them this representative was so positive so kind and she found that I had like $700 worth of EA credits in my account that I didn't even know were there.

She finds it, she, she applies it for me. She said something was broken and went and brought somebody else to get involved. I just, I felt like she really cares. He or she, she like actually means what she's saying to me, which is very, very different from most companies.

Because even if you have the right words, and you technically say the right things, if I don't feel like you care, you mean it, it actually can work against you. It's like the slick used car salesman who says the right things, but you just don't feel right about it, you know, versus a more a more clumsy salesperson who kind of tripped over their words, the pitch isn't perfect.

But you feel like they mean it, you feel like they really, really care. And so you're inclined to look at beyond the mistakes and do business with them.



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