How to Identify and Influence Company Culture : Michael Grochmal

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What are the telltale signs of your company culture?
How you contribute to the culture

Episode 162 (Michael is based in Oakville, Ontario)

In this conversation with Michael Grochmal we explore:

  • What is company culture?

  • How is culture set?

  • Who influences the culture?

  • What messages does culture send to the world about your organization?

  • How to shape culture on purpose

  • How to notice and identify current culture

  • How culture influences relationships with your clients

  • What are the various aspects of culture?

  • How are emotions and personal energy affected

  • How to align activities with the culture

  • What is a Culture book and what might it include?

About our guest, Michael Grochmal:

Michael is Director of Culture for CEO Global Network. He's been a member for 14 years. 

Before selling the company. he was President of AtlasCare for 12 years.

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Excerpts from this conversation with Michael Grochmal

And that's the other part. I think when it comes to culture, it's about getting agreement. And so anyone thinking facilitator training would say, Do we all agree hands up, we're going to start this meeting on time.

And everyone puts their hands up, look around the room, we've all agreed to this. And so we're now all in a position to hold each other accountable to this idea. It's not about shoving though it down people's throats.

And we live in a world I think today where people want to know the why.

Twenty-five years ago, you could just say do it. And they said, Okay, I'm following orders. I'm a good soldier.

And I would say that people are struggling to some degree with younger generation.

And a lot of times, we don't have a good why. So we say just do it. And the answer is they won't. They actually want to know why. But if you give them the why they will work every bit as part and smarter than previous generations.

This kind of a while you're doing it. And so if you don't know why you can't tell them why and you can't tell them why that's not what you're gonna get. And so I really do believe that everything has to be purposeful as to why you're doing it.

But if it is, the right people will say, Well, that makes sense. That's what we're gonna get dressed up, or that's why we're going to start on time, or that's why we're going to end on time, because they buy into the why, but they don't buy into the why.

I don't know how to put controls in place that would just make people do stuff. And I think we actually have a lot of time and effort is spent trying to but it's really a false thought fallacy that you know, you have to win people's hearts and minds. And the way to do that is to explain why you're doing things.



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