How will AI Affect Story Telling? Richard Rosser

Show Notes

What does a filmmaker and master storyteller say about AI?
How might you use AI to help you tell your stories?

Episode 170 (Richard is based in Los Angeles)

In this conversation with Richard Rosser we explore:

  • Communicating through story telling

  • How can AI be use to enhance your stories?

  • How AI is similar to the Gutenberg Press

  • AI doesn't replace you because you need to separate the gems from the crap

  • Effective use of AI means we need to ask better questions (prompts)

  • AI is simply another tool

  • How to use AI with your marketing plan

  • The importance of personalizing the AI responses

  • How to use AI to speak the language of your audience

  • What is Narrative Transport and how can you use it?

About our guest Richard Rosser:

Richard is a filmmaker and master storyteller. He worked on the hit TV shows: Gray's Anatomy, Chicago Med, This is Us and 24.

He is the author of "ChatGTP Simplified". 

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Excerpts from this conversation with Richard Rosser:

The exciting part is the ability to create things that again, that we never conceptualize that we never thought of.

If we go back in past, George, let's go back way into the past to the 1450s. And imagine that we are storytellers in the oral tradition. Right so I may be a bard, you're a you're a minstrel we have a friend of ours is a is a court jester. And we tell stories or we sing stories, or we regale stories to the masses.

And all of a sudden, there's this new technology, the Gutenberg Press has just been invented. And there's this new technology, the printing press, and this new technology called books, that people won't need to hear stories anymore. They can just simply read them.

Well imagine the anxiety that all of those performers in those in those oral storytellers went through at that point in time about this new technology books that was going to put them out of business and replace them.

We'll think about now, how many ever years later, 600 years later, and now, how many people make their living as actors stand up comedians, singer, songwriters, performers, artists, there are so many ways of expressing ourselves other than just the written word, and a lot of those folks perform and perform in the oral tradition.

And so, to me, this is sort of a sea change moment again, just like the printing press, AI It is going to usher in a new, a new time that we as creators can use a new technology just similar to the internet and, and create amazing things.

And so so the folks who really embrace this technology and work to understand it, and how they can implement it can really benefit from it


And I get this excitement that bubbles up. And we can dive in a little bit more detail about that. But but as a storyteller, I love the creative process and the technology that can help me and you know, the folks that I work with amplify that creativity.


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