Permission to Brag about Yourself: Lisa Bragg

Show Notes

How to promote your success without feeling guilty
You can be proud of your achievements

Episode 169 (Lisa is based in Toronto, Canada)

In this conversation with Lisa Bragg we explore:

  • Why your success story can help others succeed

  • Change the conversation from failure to talking about success

  • Self promotion is self love

  • Why did bragging get such a bad rap

  • How bragging energizes you and moves you to more success

  • How a culture of sharing success stories strengthens your team

  • Don't make people feel like hidden gems

  • The myths that holds people back

  • You don't need to be loud and bombastic

  • You can be a team player when you say "my contribution"

  • What if people don't like to hear your success story

  • Why start a brag book or smile file

About our guest Lisa Bragg:

Lisa is the author of the Bragging Rights: How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion

After a career as a journalist, she has been an entrepreneur for more than 16 years.

You can find the book at all major retailers.

Learn more about Lisa Bragg and her services at


Excerpts from this conversation with Lisa Bragg:

Delighted to be talking with you today, in particular about your book Bragging Rights. Partly because bragging when I was a kid, it was a bad word,

George, it's such a taboo topic. It really is. And that's why I really want us to start talking about it. Because, you know, we are products of where we've come from. So a lot of us, you know, our parents, it's the factory era.

So they were taught to put your head down, do good work, and eventually someone will notice you. They've passed that on to us. But it's comes from the factory era where we were cogs in a machine. Before that, we wanted to just get a steady paycheck.

But now I'm going to just quickly Fast Forward us. We're now in the information and imagination era. And we all know we compete and collaborate globally. So we need to shift the mindset of what bragging and self promotion is to what it really needs to be.

And I'll get out right off the top for our audience and for everyone. Bragging means to talk about your success with pride. And pride means self love, and I believe we all need more of that self love. But we get it confused with self aggrandizement.

I think it's because self aggrandizement is one of those mouthful words. It's a big word. So and that means that's the puffery that that achiness that we think is bragging, that's the oh, I'm better than you kind of attitude, which is not bragging, bragging is really talking about your success.


Talk from a scar, not a wound, when you're telling your stories, it shouldn't be something that you're writing right now and emotionally draining to you.



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