Sell More with a Story that Sizzles: Bruce Scheer

Show Notes

How can you inspire your buyers with the right narrative?
Why is it important for the leaders to get the stories straight

Episode 171 (Bruce is based in Seattle, Washington)

In this conversation with Bruce Scheer we explore:

  • The dangers of radon acts and hence random results

  • Is everyone on your team telling the same story?

  • Why you need to identify the problem domain

  • Clarifying the real target buyer - the bully with the juice

  • Painting the picture of the big hairy problem

  • Talking about the solution versus features and benefits

  • How to remind the buyer that they might feel trapped

  • Three traps that leaders need to avoid

About our guest Bruce Scheer:

His company has been on Delloite's fastest growing private companies 3 years in a row. He has won multiple b2b campaign of the year awards. His book achieved Amazon #1 Best Sell status across 5 categories.

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Excerpts from this conversation with Bruce Scheer:

Just to recap on this whole thing, my brother, he sold me a boat that I didn't know I needed or wanted.

And I detested boats prior to that, thinking, you know, hey, they're polluting the world. And they're horrible. But you know, the first thing my brother did, he's not dumb. He targeted the right buyer, somebody that had money to buy that thing, but had a place to store it could maintain it.

You know, he knew more than I did. But he tired the he targeted the right buyer. And then from there, he helped spotlight that problem, that big hairy problem I had being stuck on an island, especially when an earthquake came and I'm in the pandemic, I'm already afraid and scared, I don't want to die and I want to protect my family. I need that boat.

That's enough of a reason that's a big problem that I needed to solve for. And he nailed that problem, name that problem and one word trapped. And then from there, once we had agreement there, then he moved forward then in remember, this is the next day where he started helping me paint a picture about, you know, this desired outcome that I was looking for.

He helped me envision that you know, talking about the fun, I'd have some adventure cruising around on a boat and then a happy wife. Very important, George, you know, we've been married 32 years and I don't want to break that track record. So her happiness is a key feature in my my happy life.

Then he took me to the solution. And he didn't sell me on a bunch of features, functions and benefits. And I normally see that mistake all the time. I didn't care. I all I cared about was not being trapped and having some fun and adventure with my wife and a happy wife.

So he sold me on the concept of boating effectively. And then all he did is let me know that hey, what he had to offer my dad's boat fit within there and what's going to help me and then he just laid out these clear next steps.

Of course I'm on my second boat now and I've been very close to getting the third but he got me on way, he all he exposed that unconsidered need that I had, in a way that...

he really planted that big problem and just took me all the way through and helped me with that buyer journey that set up next steps.



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