Stand out from the competition by being different: Daniel Den

Show Notes

Do you have copycat competitors?
Does your message sound and look like everyone else?

Episode 203 (Daniel is based in Florida)

In this conversation with Daniel Den we explore:

  • How to be so different that they can even begin to copy you

  • What is the danger of looking like your competition?

  • How can you position yourself in your niche?

  • How to layer on more than one differentiating factor

  • How to turn your product into an experience

  • Why create a family of brands that support each other - like Apple

  • How to start defining your difference

  • How to describe your avatar to attract the right prospect

About our guest Daniel Den:

Daniel became fascinated with marketing and sales almost two decades ago. Today he is the co-creator of the X Factor Effect methodology where he and his team have helped over 20,000 students and clients grow their businesses. Daniel teaches that “Different is the new Better” and his framework includes nine pillars for differentiating your business so that you can become a market leader or category king or queen. 

Daniel Den is the author of the new book "Ideas That Influence," that was built to help business owners discover their own WILDLY SUCCESSFUL MARKETING IDEAS!


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Excerpts from this conversation with Daniel Den:

If we are doing things exactly like our competition, then we end up becoming the average of our competition and the average competition goes out of business within about five years.


And what we discovered is that if we take one big difference, but then stack that with another big difference, and then stack that with two or three big differences, additional differences, then you can get to the point where you become such a unicorn in your market, where the barrier of copy ability is just too high.

And where it would be laughable if somebody decided to copy you, after you had implemented all of those differences. And so amongst the nine different pillars that we've come up with, we help people become drastically different to the point where they are a unicorn inside of their market, where they can quickly become a market leader, or a category king or category queen.

And that makes all the difference that makes all the difference.


We call it joining the age of experience. And the age of experience, what we've found, George, is that we all have enough stuff. We all are blessed.

Today, we all have lots of stuff. mass produced, we can pretty much get access to anything. And in today's world, stuff is not what people want anymore. What people want more, is a great experience, and they're willing to spend their disposable income on a great experience.


Any damn fool can put on a deal. But it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand.  Dan Ogilvy,



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