Story Telling for Business Leaders: Graham Brown

Show Notes

How to use Three-Box Storytelling to build Relationships
A simple method to frame and tell your stories

Episode 201 (Repeat of #68)

At the time of this interview, Graham Brown was based in Singapore


Highlights from this conversation about storytelling


The Heart as an Analogy (00:00:00)

An analogy for the heart as a symbol of music, love, and relationships.

Introduction of Graham Brown (00:01:22)

Overview of Graham Brown's background and achievements.

Introduction to Three Box Storytelling Technique (00:02:45)

Explanation of the three-box storytelling technique and its application in business communication and sales presentations.

Three Scenes of a Story (00:04:03)

Explanation of the three scenes in a story using the example of "A Christmas Carol."

Application of Three Box Technique in Sales Presentation (00:06:07)

Demonstration of how a business leader can use the three-box technique in a sales presentation.

Transformation and Crossing the River (00:10:44)

Discussion on the transformation journey in storytelling and the symbolism of crossing the river as a challenge.

Importance of Trust in Storytelling (00:12:22)

The significance of establishing trust through commonality and backstory in storytelling.

Power of Analogies in Communication (00:14:52)

Exploration of analogies as short form stories and their effectiveness in communicating unfamiliar concepts.

Creating Familiar Territory in Communication (00:20:04)

Emphasizing the importance of finding familiar territory in introducing new ideas or technologies.

Behavior Change and Familiarity (00:21:48)

Highlighting the role of familiarity in facilitating behavior change and acceptance of new concepts.

The familiarity part (00:22:56)

Neuropsychological studies show the brain can't distinguish between past, present, and future, making familiarity crucial in storytelling.

Archetypes and plot lines (00:24:42)

Joseph Campbell's hero's journey and the use of existing archetypes and plot lines in storytelling.

Podcast guesting agency (00:27:03)

Graham Brown's agency, Podcast Guesting Pro, helps people get booked on podcasts and navigate the process.

Effective use of stories in sales presentations (00:29:52)

Maya Angelou's advice on making people feel something, using the power of the backstory, and the importance of practice in storytelling.


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