Tactical Communication Skills: David Reich

Show Notes

Communication secrets from magic and hypnotism
How to better connect with people you don't know yet

Episode 210 (David is based in Boston)

In this conversation with David Reich we explore:

  • Magic skills that enhance your communications

  • The importance of observing your audience

  • How to watch where people's eyes are

  • Why you need to break the pattern

  • How to find common ground

  • Magic phrases to boost the connection

  • How to influence decisions

  • Understanding the perception and motivation of the audience

  • Why you don't need care about who gets credit

  • How to adapt when the magic trick doesn't work 

About our guest, David Reich:

David has had a successful career as a technology and thought leader, and combines that with his passion and talent as a magician, mentalist and stage hypnotist, to create unique experiences of Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment.

David discovered how the principles of a mystery performer can be used to become an overall better communicator, and more specifically, he has developed the Tactical Communication Method.

Learn mor about David Reich and his services at his website https://davidreich.com/

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Excerpts from this conversation with David Reich:


Action Items

  • Practice observation techniques to understand how messages are landing and tailor communication accordingly.

  • Use phrases like "help me understand" instead of disagreeing to have constructive discussions.

  • Focus on being authentic, candid and vulnerable in conversations rather than putting on airs.


The biggest key really is observation.

We have to look at other people, we have messages, we have things we want to say, we want to sell an idea, we want to convey a joke, we want to tell.

And we have to not only know what we want to say, but how it's landing. And that's actually how I came up with this whole tactical communication method.

Because as a magician as a mentalist, as you're going through your performance and your communication, you need to see how things are landing where people's eyes are.

And if it's working, and if it's not. And then and this, this takes a bit of practice, okay, can't do it overnight, just like anything good requires a bit of practice.

But you can start to tailor your message and tailor how you're communicating real time on the fly, to make your message resonate. And that's how you get people to want to hear what you have to say.


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