Weed Words: I just want to

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I just want to

When the person starts their talk with this phrase, how do you feel?

Whose interest are they speaking to? You or themself?

Does this make you feel valued?

Not me!

Why would you care what the speaker wants?

Why would the speaker believe you care what they want?

What would you listen to what they want?

The speaker isn’t talking for your benefit but for their own purpose.

It’s about what they want.


When you see this phrase in writing, often its proper English – I just want to

Notice there are three ts in that phrase.

What happens when the person speaks this phrase?

It mutates into I jus wanna

What was simply annoying, has become repulsive.

What happened to the letter t?

Why the street slang talk?

Why are they so lazy when speaking? Why is it so hard to enunciate the letter t?

I just wanna

How do you feel when you hear that phrase?

Do you feel special?

Do you feel that you are about to hear something profound?

Or are you already discounting what follows this gutter talk?

When I hear the word wanna – I’m reminded of guano. That’s bird poop.

The next time the speaker says, I jus wanna –

you might respond with “bird poop”. Now I know what you mean.

The easiest way to avoid sounding like poop, is to speak for the benefit of your listener and not for your self gratification.

We don’t care what you wanna.


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George Torok

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