Weed Words: In my humble opinion

Show Notes

In my humble opinion

When you hear this phrase what do you think? How do you feel about the speaker? Are you eager to hear a humble opinion?


Do you feel that they are truly humble? Do you believe that their opinion is valid? Do you prepare yourself for a less than humble opinion? Do you think, Who asked for your opinion?


The words humble and opinion do not belong in the same sentence. Put them together and warning bells ring in our heads.


When I hear this phrase, the question that pops up is “Are you expressing your opinion or are you pretending to be humble?”

If you are truly humble, why are you expressing your opinion? A humble person doesn’t express an opinion. They keep their mouth shut.

I imagine that your humbleness doesn’t compare to the Dalia Lama. He doesn’t claim to be humble. He simply is. If you are humble, you don’t need to say it. We will recognize your humbleness by the way you speak and treat others.

So your claim to being humble is … what’s the word I’m searching for… weak, false, phony – a lie.


If you are humble why express your opinion?

If your opinion has value, why is it humble?

If your opinion is valid and is more than an opinion – why degrade it?


What I find curious and revealing is that this phrase doesn’t suggest that you are humble, instead it’s only this particular opinion that is humble. Other opinions might not be humble.


If your opinion is humble – don’t express it.

If you believe you must pretend to be humble because you don’t have faith in your opinion, shut up.


If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, don’t pretend to be humble and don’t call it an opinion.

Instead say, “Based on my experience…

Based on my research,

Based on my perspective


If you offer value, there’s no reason to fake humble. If your message is valuable, don’t give it crutches by calling it humble.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.


Beware of the weed words.

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