Weed Words: Living under a rock

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The Weed Words are words you need to avoid when you speak, because they choke your intended message.
Unless you’ve living under a rock

Sweet words of praise – right? Just the opposite.

When you hear this phrase how do you feel?

Respected or insulted?


Why would a speaker use this phrase?

Is this speaker trying to build rapport by suggesting that you are living under a rock?

Is the speaker under the rock with you or standing on top of the rock and grinding down on you?

Is the speaker suggesting that you are equal to them or beneath them?


Perhaps the speaker is proud of something they know that you don’t.

Ha, ha, I know more than you. You’re ignorant and I’m not because I don’t live under the rock like you.


When you hear that phrase, how do you feel?

The speaker suggested that you’ve been living under a rock? What does that say about how the speaker sees you? Is this a sign of respect?

Why would they even suggest such an insulting scenario?


When you hear this phrase what do you see?

What lives under a rock?


Did the speaker just call you a slug?

Why does the speaker see you as a disgusting creature living under a rock.

Would you ever say that to a person that you care about or want to develop a trusting relationship with?

You must be a slimy ignorant creature and I’m here to enlighten you because I am the anointed one.

You’ve been hiding under a rock like a slug and I’m here to enlighten you with my wisdom.

Now bow down to my greatness – you slug.

Should I respond with thanks for calling me a slug you arrogant jerk, now just watch me slime you.

Or should I throw the rock at the speaker?

Beware of the Weed Words

Your host is George Torok

George is a specialist in executive communication skills. That includes conversation and presentation. He’s fascinated by way we communicate and influence behaviors. He delivers training and coaching programs to help leaders and promising professionals deliver the intended message for greater success.


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