65 John Wilson, Boost employee engagement

Show Notes

Employee engagement is at all-time lows. Why and what can you do about it?
John Wilson examines the crisis of low employee engagement.


Every employee has the right to a good leader.

Bad leaders make bad bosses.

Better employee engagement is a competitive advantage.

Who owns the responsibility for employee engagement. (Hint, it's not HR.)

What does low engagement cost the organization?

How does low engagement effect mental health?

What is the CEO disease?

John Wilson is the founder and CEO of CEO Global Network

This is where  CEOs go to learn from other successful CEOs.

CEO Global Network is on a mission to significantly improve the success and lives of CEOs and executives, their families and their companies.

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Your Intended Message is the podcast about how you can boost your career and business success by honing your communication skills. We’ll examine the aspects of how we communicate one-to-one, one to few and one to many – plus that important conversation, one to self.

In these interviews we will explore presentation skills, public speaking, conversation, persuasion, negotiation, sales conversations, marketing, team meetings, social media, branding, self talk and more.


Your host is George Torok

George is a specialist in communication skills. Especially presentation. He’s fascinated by the links between communication and influencing behaviours. He delivers training and coaching programs to help leaders and promising professionals deliver the intended message for greater success.


Fact about George Torok

He hosted the radio show, Business in Motion for 19 years, interviewing over 500 guests.


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Your Intended Message

You know what you meant but did the audience understand your intended message?If you have ever experienced frustration getting your message heard and ...

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